Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

As the GUI for MongoDB, MongoDB Compass allows you to make smarter decisions about document structure, querying, indexing, document validation, and more. MongoDB Compass is available as part of subscriptions. This version is a free tool for developing with MongoDB and includes a subset of the features of the app. The Community Edition is freely available to all users.

It allows you to analyze and understand the contents of your data without formal knowledge of MongoDB query syntax. In addition to exploring your data in a visual environment, you can also use the app to optimize query performance, manage indexes, and implement document validation.

This version disables all network connections except the connection to the MongoDB instance. The Isolated Edition is available as part of subscriptions.

Compass is offered in four editions:

Compass Community
This edition is for developing with MongoDB and includes a subset of the features of the tool.

A full version of Mongo DB Compass, with all features and capabilities. The app is available as part of subscriptions.

Compass Readonly
This edition is limited strictly to read operations, with all write and delete capabilities removed.

Compass Isolated
This version does not initiate any network requests except to the MongoDB server to which Compass connects. This edition is designed for highly secure environments.


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