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Among Us is an InnerSloth murder mystery game released in 2018. It consists of crewmates performing tasks on their ship with an imposter among them ready to kill them off. With the title rising in popularity, thousands of gamers have played it on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

Here’s our strategic guide on how to be a good imposter in Among Us.

Ways to kill in Among Us

If the system has chosen you to be the imposter, you’ll need to slowly kill the crewmates off without being detected. One of the more effective methods is crowd kill, where you murder someone while in a group of four or more. It’s harder for someone to blame you when there are so many suspects.

Another early tactic that’s similar to the method above is the vent multi-kill. You hide in a vent and wait for an unsuspecting victim. After you kill the crewmate, jump back in and wait. You’ll have the chance to murder another player when they spot the body, if the kill cooldown allows it.

You can also perform a sneaky kill. This move entails pretending that you’re away from your keyboard, also known as AFK. When a crewmate walks past, you quickly slaughter them and then step back into position. It’s rare for an imposter to remain in place after murdering a crew member, so newbie players might not guess it’s you.

Ways to sabotage in Among Us

Killing is only one way to be a great imposter. There are a couple of ‘immunity’ tasks throughout the game, like the scan in the medical bay. Only crewmates can scan in the medbay, so they’ll often vouch for each other when they see others doing this. Note that not all crewmates get this task, and imposters can’t scan at all.

As soon as you find an immune player, it’s best that you sabotage them. You can lock them in rooms or break the lights to prevent anyone witnesses your murder. Another option is to damage equipment, leading other crewmates to investigate while you take out the immune player.

Ensure that you look at your sabotage map to find the best available sabotage options.

Don’t get caught in Among Us

Of course, your primary objective is not being caught by your crewmates. The Polus and Skeld Among Us maps let you spot the cameras in different rooms. The crew has access to these recordings in the admin section. They’ll quickly realize that you’re the imposter if they witness your attack or sabotage.

You can also pretend to perform tasks. The task meter will fill up, but you can’t complete it. The best imposter strategy is to let the meter level rise slightly and then move to another objective. Furthermore, steer clear of short tasks that are easy to finish.

Finally, go ahead and pretend that you’re part of the crew as much as possible. When you slaughter someone, start questioning other players as to their presence and activity. The meetings are also essential, where you should defend the accused gamers from time to time to gain trust.



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