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PDF is one of the widely used file formats for documentation purposes, and you can create text documents containing pictures and graphs according to your requirements. Several pdf elements could help you in the process. Wondershare PDFelement is one such tool to help you to create, edit, resize, convert, and print pdf files. You can also convert pdf files into other formats like Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, and many more. If there are numerical data in the pdf files, you can use the pdf element to extract them as a CSV file for easier processing. Let us discuss the features of this pdf element. 

Top features of PDF element

Comment – you can add comments to your existing pdf files using the pdf element. Do the following to add comments to your file. 

  • Your first step should be the opening of the pdf element and the desired document from the list available on your home screen. 
  • Next, you can add the comment in the desired format with the various formatting options available in the comment section of the toolbar. After selecting the option, the comment will get added to the file. 
  • After adding the comment, you can change the way your comment looks by right-clicking on the comment and selecting the desired property. 
  • Then, you should save the file with the necessary comments. 

Edit – Editing is nothing but the addition of extra text in your file or correcting some existing text or updating it. You can do the following to edit your documents. 

  • Open your document or the file using the pdf element’s home screen. 
  • Once your file is open, you should choose the Edit option from the toolbar to enter the edit mode that would allow you to make changes to the existing file.
  • If you wish the new text to have other formatting and style than the existing file, you should take care to change them using the toolbar as all your edits would get adapted to the original text by default. 
  • Similarly, you can add and edit images using the same steps in the pdf element.
  • If your pdf consists of several pages, you can select and edit a particular page by clicking on the Page menu. 
  • You should not forget to save all your edits after completion. 

Convert – PDF element would also help you to convert a scanned document into a pdf file. You should do the following to do so, 

  • You should open the desired file from the home screen of the pdf element.  
  • Once it is open, you should click on the Perform OCR button that would be available in the information bar at the top.
  • Once the OCR process is complete, your file will be converted into a pdf file. You can save the file. 

Protect – You can also protect your document with the help of the pdf element by clicking on the Protect option and adding the desired open password and permission password. 

Form – You can add a form to the element and extract the data into excel by clicking on Form > More > Extract data and checking the Extract data box and clicking on Apply. 

What is OCR, and why is it necessary?

OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. Whenever you have to convert a file or a portion of it into something else, you would require this technology in the pdf element. There will be an in-built technology in the pdf element that would help the system to read every character or image on the file and convert it into the desired format at the earliest. The process would be accurate, and you can convert every bit of the original file without loss of data. Some of the possible conversions with the OCR technology are as follows, 

  • Image to Excel
  • PNG to Text
  • JPG to Word
  • JPG to HTML

Let us discuss the process of using OCR to convert an image into Excel. 

Image to Excel – If you wish to convert image data into an Excel file that would be editable, you can use the OCR technology as follows, 

You should use the pdf element to open the image that you have to convert. 

There will be an option named Perform OCR that would trigger the system to run the technology. 

After the process gets completed, you should click on the “To Excel” option. 

The image would get converted into the desired Excel format, and you can save the file. 


Wondershare pdf element is available to you at attractive discounted prices that would go up to 50%. You can use the opportunity to try to minimize your efforts on the usage of the pdf documents. There would be a student discount also that could end soon. 

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