Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

Remote Refrigeration Control is an advanced system for monitoring, managing, and controlling your refrigeration systems. Integrating such a system into your customer’s existing Heatcraft refrigeration solutions will allow them to reap benefits that will streamline and improve the overall operations of their facility. 

Remote Refrigeration Control, or RRC for short, is compatible with several different refrigeration systems, and it will seamlessly integrate with them to provide an unparalleled level of service. It is a more convenient alternative to standard on-site monitoring and controlling of refrigeration, so let’s take a look at what advantages, according to one of the leading HVACR distributors, Gustave A. Larson, it can bring to your clients. 

What Are the Benefits of Remote Refrigeration Control?

Remote Refrigeration Control allows your clients to monitor and control one or several of their refrigeration systems across multiple locations through a single account. They can use any web browser and different internet connections. However, these are just a few of the benefits RRC can bring to your clients. 

Saving Time

Remote Refrigeration Control can be a huge time saver for your customers. First, RRC allows them to remotely resolve minor issues and inconveniences with their refrigeration system. Additionally, in case of a larger problem, it gives them insight into the type of problem it is, allowing them to either prepare to resolve it themselves or to contact their contractors and provide them with the necessary information. 

Improved Maintenance Procedures

Both regular and emergency maintenance are essential for ensuring the optimal performance of any refrigeration system. RRC fosters maintenance by pointing to the potential problems before they occur, allowing your customers to be proactive rather than reactive and resolve issues before they arise, preventing more costly repairs. 

Fault Detection

RRC helps with detecting faults in your customer’s refrigeration systems. They will receive notifications about the potential faults in the system via email or text. This will help with resolving the problems by providing information on the issue itself, speeding up the process of repair. Additionally, your clients will be able to customize the notifications they receive, further adding to preemptive fault detection capabilities. 

Energy Savings

Remote Refrigeration Control will help your customers save energy by continually monitoring and automatically adjusting the operating capacity of their refrigeration system. The intelligent management of evaporator fans and cooling can reduce costs by as much as 50%. Additionally, adaptive defrost can save much energy by only initiating the procedure when absolutely necessary. 

Access to Information

Through the use of Remote Refrigeration Control, your customers will gain access to invaluable information: from summaries that illustrate equipment status to weighted average temperature.  All this can further serve to optimize the performance of the entire refrigeration system. 


Finally, one of the biggest upsides of implementing RRC is the convenience behind it all. You clients will gain the ability to completely remotely monitor their refrigeration systems and ensure their adequate functioning. 

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