Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

MSI Kombustor is a powerful benchmarking software intended to test the very limits of your graphics card and provide you with valuable insights about the state of your GPU, it’s peak capabilities and other various statistics. While at first glance this is just one benchmarking app in the sea of similar products, MSI Kombustor has managed to prove itself as one of the most reliable ways of testing capabilities of GPU cards. Today, this app is regularly often used not only by regular PC users and gaming enthusiasts who want to get an overview of their PC components capabilities, but also video game developers who need to optimize their real-time rendering applications for various levels of GPU power.

Built from the ground up to be easy to use and accessible, MSI Kombustor does not present many options to its users – they can pick between few of the available tests, set the preferred rendering API (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3, Direct 3D 9, Direct 3D 10, Direct 3D 11), anti-aliasing mode, rendering mode (fullscreen or windowed) and choose whether they want to perform a long-term GPU burn-in test or a single Benchmark run. The app has three individual tests – Wavy Plane (GL2), Fractal Frame (GL3), and Triangle of Death (GL2).

Benchmark will enable them to observe the real performance level of the installed GPU card, with scores that can be compared with other GPUs or with the alternate overclocking levels of the same GPU. On the other hand, the burn-in test is a prolonged test where your GPU will be tasked to render incredibly complex workload and is required to maintain that stressful load to prove that it can work at peak performance for as long as user desire. To test the quality of some GPU cards and its overclocking settings, users can leave their GPU to perform burn-in tests anywhere between an hour and the entire day.

As a bonus, MSI Kombustor also features slim support for LED controller support for managing illumination that is built into your GPU card (especially MSI models). Illumination levels can be tied to GPU usage, GPU temperature, or be set to pulse automatically in some of the available preset modes.


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