Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

They say “A bad day with a coffee is better than without it”

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the world’s most consumed beverages, most of us like to start the day with a hot steaming mug of coffee, whether it’s a morning bedtime coffee, or while spending quality time with your friends with some cold coffee at your local café.

Though brewing a perfect cup of coffee requires some practice and patience, a coffee maker sure helps you brew coffee the way you want it. If you are a coffee enthusiast or if it’s a part of your daily routine, a coffee maker will make sure you get the best flavor and aroma out of your favorite coffee. There is a wide range of coffee makers to choose from in the market, depending on your needs, features & how much you are willing to spend. This guide will help you choose the best coffee maker for you.

The right coffee beans

A refreshing cup of coffee is the result of choosing the best beans. Arabica and Robusta are the most popular beans used in producing coffee on a commercial scale around the world.

Arabica beans are known for its sweet and soft flavor as it is high in natural sugar content which results in less bitter taste and is mostly preferred. Approximately 60% to 70% of coffee is produced around the world from Arabica coffee beans.

Robusta beans are almost double in amount of caffeine and are much bitterer than Arabica due to their high pyrazine content giving them a distinctive strong flavor. It is used in espresso and instant coffee. It’s considered much healthier as it’s double in antioxidants as compared to Arabica.

The Roast

Apart from types of the beans, the flavor of the coffee also depends on how it’s roasted. Roasting properly results in the great aroma, taste, and flavor you want in your cup of coffee. A Shorter roast gives beans a very light and mild taste and more acidity while a dark roast results in a strong and bitter taste.

Roasted coffee beans are ground depending on what kind of coffee you want to make. Coarsely ground coffee results in less prominent flavor and taste, but if it’s too coarse, your coffee will end up being weak, if it’s too fine, coffee may taste much bitter. Fine ground coffee is best for espresso but cafetière needs coarsely ground coffee so that flavors can be extracted slowly.

Water Ratio and temperature

Water ratio is something you learn to add with some trial and error and some practice as a different ratio of water changes the taste and quality of the coffee. The water ratio is also different for each type of coffee. Americano and Espresso have a coffee to water ratio of 1:1 or 1:3, while matcha coffee has a ratio of 1:6.


The higher the water temperature, the more flavors of the coffee will be dissolved into it, but too hot water is going to make the coffee bitter and if the water is not hot enough, your coffee will taste bland and not the way you wanted it to be. Do not use boiling water, water temperature is ideal for hot coffee at 94-96 degrees Celsius.

Things to consider while buying a coffee maker

There are a lot of things to be considered while buying a coffee maker but we mainly focus on cost, features, and convenience

  • Convenience: 

Are you the one who likes brewing a coffee from scratch like a pro or simply likes to grab a mug of hot latte or mocha on-the-go? Well, some coffee makers are fully manually operated and need your attention like French press brewers or stovetop espresso pots which need care and attention for a perfect cup while automatic coffee makers only need to be set on a timer, and your coffee will be ready in no time.

  • Sizing: 

Basically if you want a coffee maker for your home or personal use, a smaller one may get your job done. But in case you want one for your office canteen or where many people will be using it, a bigger coffee maker with larger storage capacity is good to go. Some variants are smaller in size but can easily be used in a family or a small office. It entirely depends upon what size you need.

  • Extra-Features: 

Some extra features may be quite useful when buying a coffee maker. For example, some coffee machines come with a built-in steam frother while some have thermal sensors or portability. They may be a little bit expensive though depending on how advanced those extra features are. 

  • Cost:

Everyone wants the best bang for the buck out of their money, so you may like buying a coffee maker with a discount or an offer, and if you get one at a good price in exchange for some less significant features, it’s worth buying. Or if you are a fan of premium products, there is a wide range of products that gives you top-notch quality and features at a little more expensive.

What do we recommend?

To put things simply, choosing what fits your need is the best way to go, it entirely depends on you to choose the best coffee maker you can buy at the price you are going to spend. But we have chosen a few that you may like.

  • Personal coffee maker

For those who start their day with a refreshing coffee and want it real quick without hassles, this will be a very good option to choose from. It serves a single person as the name suggests, especially for students, and comes in handy and consumes less power. Some models with advanced features like smartphone app-controlled may cost you a little or more, but worth it.

  • The drip brewer

It is the commonest and one of the best coffee makers. Usually used in offices or at home. You just put ground coffee in a paper filter, fill a reservoir with water, turn the brewer on and watch the glass carafe filled with coffee. A good quality drip brewer will get you an amazing coffee.

  • The French Press: 

This is one of the best coffee makers to buy at a good price point and many professionals use it to brew quality and great coffee. It has enough capacity to serve more than 2 people (may depend on per serving). Though it is not suitable for instant coffee as French press is not needed for instant coffee. You can also froth milk and coffee in the French press coffee maker.

Final thoughts

Although there are so many ways of making a good cup of coffee, making it required some practice and it’s up to your taste and style to make a coffee that will make your day.

The fact is that spending more money on coffee makers or buying expensive coffee is not all you need, spending some time and effort making a perfect coffee will improve your coffee greatly. So keep experimenting and exploring your taste and don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts with us!

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